Human resources

D.C.T.'s staff is skilled in Regional, National and European Project management regarding promotion and development of small and medium scale businesses, technological innovation and total quality management systems (TQM).

The successful accomplishment of the mission of AKETH, is based on the unanimous and concerted effort of its collaborators. Is also due to the assumption that "people of AKETH" embrace the same principles, the same eagerness for action and work and have a thorough understanding of the goals and visions of the organization.

Departments of AKETH cooperate and/or create project's teams for the definition, design, implementation and development processes of projects and programmes.


Evangelia Ntona – Director

Dimitrios Megeirias – Education/Training/Consultancy Department

Georgios Siotas – IT Department and AKETH Lab

Achilleas Kostoulas - AKETH Lab

DCT has also external collaborators from different scientific fields in order to implement, develop and realize national and European programms.