Project Vintage

VINTAGE 2011-2013

vintage1_last-200-transpWhat? V.IN.T.AG.E -Valorisation of INnovative Technologies for AGing in Europe is a Grundtvig multilateral project which aims to propose innovative solutions to make ICT more accessible and attractive, promoting benefits to the quality of life and independence of the elderly from ICT in partner countries, as well as including local stakeholders from different fields of the society in order to create a European network which might exploit project results even in the future, in different European countries facing new needs and problems.

Why? The vitality of our societies increasingly depends on ensuring that people of all ages, including older people, remain fully integrated into society. Our priority is to equip senior citizens with the skills that they need in order to cope with change, in particular the digital progress, and remain active in society. Indeed, all the exploitation activities are thought to make the most of VINTAGE software, promoting among participants an active citizenship attitude, even from their home.

Even though there are already available some innovative methods to improve the skills of marginalized categories of the digital society, we plan to test a unique initiative in Europe that takes into account simultaneously all aspects of learning to use new technologies: teaching methods, training for trainers, use of open source technologies, content development, recovery of obsolete equipment, building local networks of interest.

The topics addressed by the project V.IN.T.AG.E. can be related to many of the actions planned in the European strategy "Digital Agenda", which has been proposed in response to the EU2020 recommendations to exit the crisis and prepare the EU economy for the challenges of the next decade, in particular by delivering a sustainable economic and social benefits from a digital single market based on fast and ultra fast internet and interoperable applications.

Who? The main target group of the project V.IN.T.AG.E. is the over-65 population in the seven countries of the partner organizations. Specifically, because the project aims to promote innovative technologies for better aging in Europe, all activities are designed to reach the largest possible number of elderly people and to raise the awareness of the potential benefits that they can obtain through the use of computers and the Internet: health, geographical isolation, loneliness, education, cultural activities and other services.

Secondary target groups, but essential to the success of the project are:

- Staff and volunteers involved in adult education. This target group will consist of persons working actively in the field of adult education especially in connection with elders: trainers with experience in the Universities of the Third Age, animation staff for elderly people, members of associations involved in services for elders. Apart of the experts who collaborate with the participating institutions, at least other 1000 individuals will be involved during the project thanks to: a dedicated section and an interactive platform available on the project website, the organization of two international conferences and other public events at local level, the invitation to all the relevant associations to join a local networks of interest, the organization of training days on open source software in each partner countries, an international workshop in the UK.

- Private companies and public bodies will be asked to join the local network of interest and to support the project with the donation of obsolete hardware to be rehabilitated and used as a final bonus to encourage elderly people to take part in the training courses.


More info can be found in the project's website:

If you are over 55 years old you can take part at the Social Research at this page

Also if you are over 55 years old and you wish to take part in the training sessions don't hesitate to contact us.