IAAC Seminar

Following last year's mobility model while conducting specialized seminars for the use of GIS, AKETH in collaboration with IAAC, organizes intensive training program in Barcelona and at the premises of the IAAC, leading to formal certification by the IAAC for the following fields:

The field of theoretical training will be held the first week to IAAC Barcelona. The total training hours of this section is fifteen (15). The daily program and the themes that will be covered are:

Introduction to concepts of climate, environment and comfort conditions
o Climate Change and humans
o Influence of climatic factors in the built environment
o Thermal comfort and building
o Visual comfort and building

Energy, architecture and construction
o Natural resources and building
o Analysis of thermal behavior of building
o Heat capacity of components
o Modern and traditional building materials

Analysis of principles of bioclimatic building design
o Traditional architecture, bioclimatic architecture
o Examples of bioclimatic architecture in Greece and the European space
o Passive solar systems for the exploitation of solar thermal gains
o Location of the land and building interiors - orientation
o Thermal protection of the exterior building envelope components
o Ventilation of buildings
o Necessary calculations of energy and bioclimatic design.

Under the practice , which will be held in the second half of the first week will be a demonstration and training of participants in specialized software related to the energy building design and bioclimatic architecture. The total number of training hours in this section is 15

The project will be held in a group level for better development of issues, and to familiarize trainees with the collaboration between engineers for the optimal treatment of design and manufacturing challenges. More specifically, the 20 trainees will be divided into 4 groups of 5 people. Each group will be assigned a mentor from the group of rapporteurs, who will assign the the essay topic. The project will be carried out in English and there will be an extensive summary in Greek. The project will take place in the second half of the second week of training and will run for 15 hours.

As part of the intensive training program the trainees will be provided with:

  • Software in evaluation/academic versions by IAAC
  • Wireless internet
  • Attending of IAAC MAA Lecture Series (one week)
  • 24-hour access to the facilities of IAAC
  • Attending of speeches by distinguished scientists organized by the IAAC (one per week)
  • Access to the Digital Fabrication Lab of IAAC.