Training Voucher for the unemployed

Training voucher for ages 18-24 in private bussinesses to obtain work experience

Training voucher for ages 25-29 in private bussinesses to obtain work experience

Training voucher for ages 29-64 in private bussinesses to obtain work experience


The Special Service for the Implementation of actions co-financed by the European Social Fund (ENA / ECB) of the General Secretariat for Community and other Resources of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare, acting as beneficiary within the meaning of Article 1 of Law. 3614/2007 (Government Gazette 267 / A), assumes the implementation of the action entitled "entry Cheque for youth from 18-24 years to private companies for work experience" ..

The action is financed by resources of Greece and the European Union in the framework of the Initiative for Youth Employment and particularly in the context of the Action Plan "Youth Guarantee". The 'Youth Guarantee' in realizing one new development strategy, which is expected to escalate time starting emprosthovaros addressing the acute problem of unemployment, especially youth unemployment. As part of this strategy to increase employment of young people, through the implementation of active employment policies, business subsidy actions for hiring unemployed, apprenticeship programs, transition programs from education to work, actions counseling and vocational guidance unemployed, is a major priority and recommends the basic objectives of the project "Youth Guarantee". The approved Guarantee System for Youth is designed to be fully compatible with the second (2nd) Priority Thematic Objective 8 "Sustainable labor market integration of young people, especially for those not in employment, education or training", including young people with the risk of social exclusion and young people from marginalized communities, seeking the maximum utilization of the available resources of the European Initiative for Youth Employment (PAN / Del).

The action is the achievement of a structured course entry of unemployed young people in the labor market, which potentially leads to placing them in jobs in the private sector.

This action ensures the necessary conditions inclusion of young people in the labor market through the acquisition and improvement of their knowledge while theoretical and practical training in real working environment and adapt knowledge to real needs.