Kick-off meeting for the STARTUP project

The Kick-off meeting of the project "Spread The ART of going Up", took place in Trikala in the 3rd and 4th of December 2014.

The participants of the meeting were: Konstantina Zachari (AKETH), Stefanos Souflias (AKETH), Jimena Delgado-Taramona (SPEGC), Angelica Perra (TDM2000), Lia Codrina Contiu (Petru Major University), Andrej Juricko (STEP Institute) and Andrea Bogi (INOVA+).

The main aim of the meeting was the acquisition of the project partners and the presentation of the project idea, calendar, objectives and main tasks. Participants had the chance to discuss in detail the next steps (i.e. intellectual outputs, teaching/training activities, multiplier events). In addition, special focus was given to the orientation of the strategy and selection of educational material for the trainings, as well as to the definition of the target groups, after the presentation of the draft study analysis that was made by Petru Maior University and STEP Institute.

What is more, the representatives of the coordinator (AKETH) presented all the administrative and financial issues regarding the grant agreement, while the drafts of the evaluation and dissemination plans were presented by INOVA+ and TDM2000 respectively.

Finally, the participants also had the chance to attend a meeting with the Mayor of Trikala and a cultural trip in Meteora, a UNESCO World Heritage Monument.