Latest activities

Pilot implementation of π3 frameork by AKETH

AKETH chosen to be one of the Greek providers of lifelong learning that will participate in the conference held by the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs, regarding the pilot implementation of the π3 framework.

The π3 framework aims to create an open and feedback system in order to ensure the quality of educational services

The AKETH selected to be one of the organizations that will pilot implement π3.

Participation in the 6th project meeting "ALTAFOODSS" Grundtvig parthnership project in Chieti Italy 16-18 November

AKETH will participate in 6th project meeting with six persons. During the meeting participants will have tha change to visit reference livestock farms, be informed about how traing contributes in the creation of promotion channels of agricultural products, list the supply systems of agracaltural products in the regio of Abruzzo and search the ways of cooperation and transfer of innovative practices

Forthcoming activities for the "Projecting European Future" Comenius Regio project

<p">“Projecting European Future” aims at improving project-based development in accordance with teachers’ needs for a good educational management quality. Moreover, the project joints each partner’s interest to develop linguistic, ICT and management skills, to collaborate and to actively get involved in the educational process. All the partners will, by no means, share and exchange experience, take part in all the activities and provide intercultural information to attain project objectives and the goal to become a project manager.

Call for civil engineers & architects to participate in the "Bioclimatic Architecture and Sustainable Development" Leonardo Da Vinci PLM programme

In the following days, AKETH will announce the first call for civil engineers & architects to participate in the "Bioclimatic  Architecture and Sustainable Development" Leonardo Da Vinci PLM programme which will be held in Barcelona - Spain.

Call for agriculturists to participate in the "Design and construction of modern greenhouses" Leonardo Da Vinci PLM programme.

In the following days, AKETH will announce the first call for agriculturists, in order to participate in the programme "Design and Construction of Modern Greenhouses" which will held in Almeria - Spain.

Participation in the kick off meeting of "Vintage" Grundtvig Multilateral project in Foligno Italy 15 - 19 November

Kick-off meeting will be focused on indication of Guidelines for the conduction of the research and technical aspects and content.

During the kick-off meeting AKETH will make a presentation titled “Experiments at local level – Best Practices Joint report: general and specific indications”.