Latest activities

New mobile telephone number

There is a new method for contacting AKETH. The new mobile number is: 6985831833. The mobile service is Cosmote What's Up in that way we facilitate the way, young people can communicate with us.

Certification of Adult Educators of Non Formal Education

eoppepNational Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) has started the application process for participation in the certification process of educational adequacy of Adult Educators of Non Formal Education.


More information can be found in the Greek section of the page.


Subsidised Training of Employees - LAEK

In the framework of vocational training of employees in small companies (1-25 LAEK) for the year 2014, Developmental Center of Thessaly will implement subsidized training programs. The program is financially supported by the Manpower Employment Organization of Greece (OAED).


Eligible for participating in those programs are employees insured at Social Security Organisation of IKA in Greece and particular in the region of Trikala. More information on the needed documents for participating and the training objects can be found in the Greek section of this website.


Acting as intermediary / partner in the LDV PLM program entitled "SPLASH", with Comune di Sardara as sending organization, AKETH undertook the following tasks for 29 adults in the field of tourism in 7 Hotels of 4 and 5 stars, for 8 weeks:

  • Identifying suitable organizations/companies for the implementation of the work placement

  • Organizing the evaluation with the participants

  • Providing a final report of the activities

  • Completing the final certification for each participant

  • Participating to the activities of dissemination/valorisation

  • Respecting the Partnership Quality Commitment - Placements

  • Co-operation at all times with the sending organization


The Developmental Center of Thessaly, under the sectoral program Leonardo da Vinci and PLM action, invites farmers, young farmers, agronomists, growers and related disciplines, which are demonstrably engaged in the production of agricultural products from all over Greece, to register for the program:


• Code: 2012-1-GR1-LEO02-09933
• Country: Spain ( Barcelona , Zaragoza )
• Duration: 2 weeks (ten business days )
• Potential implementation dates 2-15/03/2014
• Communication & Training Languages: Spanish , English


Information: Konstantina Zachari, Achilleas Kostoulas

Final event of the V.IN.T.AG.E, centralized by EC, project in Brussels

The final event of the V.IN.T.AG.E, centralized by EC, project was held in Brussels between the 16th and 17th of January. On the 16th of January from, 14:30 to 19:00, the International Conference took place in the Umbria Region Brussels Office (Rond Point Schuman, 14). Representatives of the European Commission, Umbria Region and members of umbrella organization intervened.
AKETH acting as a core partner of the project was represented by Achilles Kostoulas.

Partners meeting of TOI MECVET project in Istanbul

The first partners meeting of TOI project entitled MECVET and reference number: 2013-1-TR1-LEO05-47553 was held in Istanbul on January 8-10.
AKETH acting as a core partner of the project and leader of WP6 was represented by Achilles Kostoulas.