AKETH is based on the city of Trikala which is located in the region of Thessaly in central Greece.


Thessaly is a vital agricultural area, particularly for the production of grain, cattle, and sheep. Modernization of agricultural practices in the mid-twentieth century has controlled the chronic flooding that had restricted agricultural expansion and diversification in the low-lying plains. Thessaly is the leading cattle-raising area of Greece, and shepherds shift large flocks of sheep and goats seasonally between higher and lower elevations.

Construction & Manufacturing

Thessaly is the centre of the manufacturing of furniture in Greece. Also in Karditsa is located the Department of Wood & Furniture Design and Technology, which is part of the Technological & Educational Institute (TEI) of Larissa. The Department is unique in that field in Greece. We have excellent relations with the department and we can use their premises, their teachers and the technical knowledge for the successful implementation of your project. Furthermore, Thessaly is one of the largest producer of aluminum and its products in Greece.


The main educational institutes of Thessaly are The University of Thessaly and the Technological & Educational Institute (TEI) of Larissa. We have excellent collaboration with both institutes and we can tailor programs to meet individual needs and provide informal and formal training where required.

Information, Communication and Technology

Since December 2005, the Municipality of Trikala offers its residents free high speed Wireless Internet connection. As of 2007, around 95% of the total area of Trikala has access; this is one of the few European cities to offer such a service for free. Since 2009 tele-medicine is available for its residents, to track serious conditions without the need to visit hospitals. AKETH, being a part of Trikala, the first Digital City in Greece and one for 21 smart communities in the world, we have the know-how of the modern technology and we can tailor lessons based on the needs of your target group.