Vision & Targets

AKETH having the dual role of Vocational Educational Center and  Developmental center, act towards of the contribution to employability and addressing broader social challenges, and also (in the direction) of increase the competitiveness and growth of small and medium enterprises in the Thessaly region, offering youth and adults career opportunities through their participation in different training programs.

In order to achieve these goals, AKETH is equally addressed to men and women, to those with high potential and also to those who face (for any reason), the risk of exclusion from the labor market. AKETH, follows the National and European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning, and aims to shift the optical from a learning process which is oriented to the contribution to learning outcomes to a process of lifelong learning which is consistent with the best correspondence the content of the the labor market.

The strategy of AKETH is summarized in the following objectives:

  • Implementation of lifelong learning and mobility programmes
  • Improvement of the quality and effectiveness of education and training
  • Enhancing innovation and creativity and entrepreneurship in all levels of education and training
  • Strengthening the interventionist role in the development and competitiveness of SMEs
  • The development of synergies between the companies in national and European level.
  • Creating a pan-European network to develop a web of Merit for the immediate response to changes, opportunities, innovations related to VET.

D.C.T's main objectives are: continuing training and development of relevant activities such as studies and researches, training meetings, workshops on evolution of education, actions of promotion and support of employment consulting, consultancy Services that combine: Planning - Systems - Human Resources & Technology throughout national and international projects.